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Resolved! Checkbox push button icon dissapears on check

I am currently encountering an issue where the icon of a checkbox defined via GRC as "IconPushCheck" dissapears when the checkbox is checked via using DGSetItemValLong or DGSetCheckBoxState. Is there a way around this? Also why is the DGSetItemImageI...

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Generate a written report inside of ArchiCAD

Hi ! I'm currently developping an Add-on that aggregates data on the project, then outputs it in the form of a word document. However, I recently found out there seems to be some kind of way to generate written reports readable directly in ArchiCAD, ...

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I need an example how to set IFC parameter on element

Hello, Is it possible to set the value of IFC parameter on a single element (see the uploaded screenshot) ? There is an exmaple IFCPresetCommands_test, but I don't understand what it does, when I run it in AC. Also there are no examples about the IFC...

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Resolved! Railing - Diagonal Rails

Hi all, How would you go about creating diagonal rails within your handrail? I am wanting to create some cross braces and thought I could use a custom panel, but it doesn't stretch to fit... The distance between posts varies at different points aroun...

Resolved! Addon folder name in different languages

Hello forum, I have an addon in 8 languages and an installer should do the installation of the addon in the correct folder on destination machine. Is there a list of "addon" folder names in all languages ? I know the name for French (Extensions) and ...

libcurl library causing plugin to disappear from menu

Hello, I'm trying to implement curl library into my archicad plugin. On MAC there are no problems with it, but on Windows I can only compile the code without errors, and then if I open AC21 on Windows it says that the plugin is outdated. This is the ...

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