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In Holland we build many kind of standardized houses. Website-based sellingproces is the big next step and 3D modeling software could be the core behind the website interface. In our investigation we found a solution which makes use of Revit. We inst...

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Creating elevation marker and APIERR_BADID [SOLVED]

I created an elevation marker using ACAPI_Element_CreateExt. At first it returns APIERR_PADPARS. But when I changed the marker type to "Built-in Elevation Marker", it returns an APIERR_BADID. When I debugged the add-on, it passed the element type (AP...

On Teamwork: Hotlink nodes has incomplete data

Greetings, I've been using the API_HotlinkNode.refFloorName and API_HotlinkNode.refFloorInd of single story hotlinks to determine the story idx/name of the other project. It's well and good in Solo project, but in Teamwork the hotlink node registers ...

Erenford by Newcomer
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Create and change database to newly created db

When I try to switch current database to newly created worksheet, I get APIERR_BADDATABASE (The command cannot be executed on the current database). The worksheet is sucessfully created but changing database fails. What am I doing wrong here?? GSErrC...

Non-blocking behavior

Hello there, I'm trying to find an operation that allows the user to freely use the GUI while my plug-in is running. For example, my plug-in starts by clicking on a button on the top menu, after that it establishes a connection with another applicati...

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How to get currently selected Library Part

Hi all I try to get the currently selected library part. I mean the object selected (in green) by user in the current model. I have tried following code but it doesn't seem to work GSErrCode err; // Get selected elements API_SelectionInfo selectionIn...