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Unable to select curtain wall on elevation view

When a curtain wall is placed below storey 0, it cannot be selected. I put two curtain wall, one on storey 0 and the other on storey -1. I then put an elevation marker in front of them. I viewed the elevation marker then select all curtain wall. Only...

Use gravity for Z position

My Addon creates API_Element (GDL object) on user specified coordinates acquired with APIIo_GetPointID. X and Y coordinates are ok, Z coordinate is always zero. I would like to use gravity when picking a point on eg Mesh so Z coordinate gets populate...

[SOLVED] New line in dimension note

I found out that the note in dimension can now be a multi-line. But when I tried using "\n" it was shown as the replacement character "▯" but it is correctly displayed in the settings dialog. When I tried using paragraph marker, "¶", it is shown as i...

emptyHolesSurf1 and 2

When we collect the emptyHolesSurf1 and emptyHolesSurf2 from the API_WallQuantity structure, they seem to include the Doors/Windows as well. Is an "empty opening" is actually still seen as a door or window? E.g. Wall 10x3x1 meter Empty Window 1x1 met...

stefan by Booster
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How to embed images in gsm with ”LP_XMLconverger"?

Hi! I had a few problems when I used "LP_XMLconverter.exe" to embed images in gsm. The first problem is how to exchange gsm to xml format?and how to exchange xml to gsm? The second problem is when I used "LP_XMLconverter.exe",it always automatically ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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I recently moved to the mac from the PC. I had developed a number of plug-ins for the PC based on the examples for the PC. Now would like to do the same on the MAC, however,when I try to log in to the API file site I find that my credentials are no l...

Proper way of including Dynamic Libraries

What is the proper way to install an add-on which uses Dynamic Libraries? (DLL on Windows, dylib on OSX). Specifically on OSX: should they be embedded in the Bundle? Or placed in the same folder as the bundle? In the ArchiCAD Root or Support folder? ...

stefan by Booster
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In Holland we build many kind of standardized houses. Website-based sellingproces is the big next step and 3D modeling software could be the core behind the website interface. In our investigation we found a solution which makes use of Revit. We inst...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Creating elevation marker and APIERR_BADID [SOLVED]

I created an elevation marker using ACAPI_Element_CreateExt. At first it returns APIERR_PADPARS. But when I changed the marker type to "Built-in Elevation Marker", it returns an APIERR_BADID. When I debugged the add-on, it passed the element type (AP...