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GDL coding questions, Python and add-on development using the API Dev Kit.

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Using the Development Kit with Visual Studio 2022

Hi everyone, In the last couple of weeks we got several questions regarding Visual Studio 2022 and the API DevKit. If you try to use VS 2022 to build your AddOns, you have to keep in mind a few things. First, Archicad 25 and Archicad 26 is built with...

Resolved! enable / disable menu items with function

I would like to enable/disable menu items by a function.some examples where I need this:1: only if there is a window or door selected a menu item shall be enabled2: only if username and password are filled in my settings dialog the other menu items s...

Resolved! Add menu icon

I would like to add an icon to my menu entries: How can I do this?

Is the LP_XMLConverter source code public?

I would like to tweak and improve LP_XMLConverter. Is the source code available? I couldn't find it in the Library SDK. It seems to me that the perl scripts just wrap the LP_XMLConverter binary. Should I be using the perl scripts instead of LP_XMLCon...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 5 replies

Prompt for Library Part Placement

Dear Community, I have a question about Library Part Placement. Is it possible after loading a .gsm file into the library to select the imported object and place it on the user's mouse, so the user can place it directly on the model? Or after import ...

3d view Filtering causes the stairs to disappear

Hi, I recently developed a function that filters the elementd shown in 3d view, based on their floor. I'm using the ACAPI_Environment's APIEnv_Change3DImageSets function to do so. The function itself works well, but i have a problem - whenever i chan...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 0 replies

MEP label

Hello everyone,I've question for you guys about script for MEP label.Does it possible to create label that can show lenght of element (Pipe, Duct or Cable tray)? Like for Property Value in popup meny of "Property Label" can be shown also Parameters o...

Njegos T by Contributor
  • 8 replies

Remove Help Button in Dialog Title

I'm creating a modal dialog this way: UIDialogSettings::UIDialogSettings() : ModalDialog(ACAPI_GetOwnResModule(), ID_DIALOG_SETTINGS, ACAPI_GetOwnResModule()) { } How can I remove the help button in the dialog title?

IO::File::ReadBin and CopyBin returns FileNotFound error

I created a function that supposed to read a binary file.I was able to open (IO::File::Open) the file without error but when I read (IO::File::ReadBin) the file, it returns 0x81000100 (FileNotFound) and the "destination" is empty. When I copy (IO::Fi...

XML GDLpict MIME / jpeg problem

Hi, I'm trying to include JPG images with adding GDLpict XML definition on object XML-file. Default is PNG, but how to add JPGs? I've tried MIME="image/jpeg" but converter gives error.

gdlguy by Participant
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