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I need a favour :)

Hi, My computer in my workplace won't let me download exe files. Could anyone ZIP the AC13 API for me? Thx

BBman by Newcomer
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GS developer authorization code

Hi. I'd like to develop an add-on for personal use only, I mean, i'm not interested in any kind of profit and so fourth, and the specific add-on I wish to develop is only suitible for my personal use. Therefore I'd like to ask you if it's possible to...

BBman by Newcomer
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That's a (Very) rough start

Hi again. It's been already 4 days that I find myself reading the same lines over and over again and going thorugh all documents and examples in the devkit, and still nothing. Iv'e got much experience with programming and self-learning but this time ...

BBman by Newcomer
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How to provide a custom IFC Import menu item?

Hi, I am an absolute newbie regarding archicad development and have some questions to get started. Our institute at QUT/Brisbane has developed an IFC database, which is similar to In contrast, we aim at the CPL license and a more light...

Patins by Newcomer
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Different file formats

Hi there, Could anyone please shortly explain to me what is the difference and meaning of each one of the following formats? apx grc and another issue... How can I "install" the examples in the dev kit? thx

BBman by Newcomer
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Newbie questions

Hi there! First of all I've got a problem starting the development since I dont really know how to get started. I mean, Iv'e got much experience with programming, but no clue when it comes to using programming for archicad. Where do I start? I mean, ...

BBman by Newcomer
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Archicad to Android. I need betatesters

I have made some app for android with archicad geometry, it´s similar to VBE presentations. I need some betatester to prove them in other device (i have a galaxy S) If you want to test mail me to with your name and your device. Ma...

Hyperlink on Modal Dialog

Hi there, I'm very new in API add-on, I would like to create the simple button to browse to the website, eg. like the hyperlink in HTML. Would you guys please guide me which function I can use for the button on Modal Dialog? Cheers

SDK Newbie - how to

We are planning to do SDK work not before long. A skilled C++ guy will join the team here. How would you introduce him to the SDK - I mean, where to start? Any documentation expect for GS´own?

Automatic placement of gdl objects ?

Hi all, I am researching the possibilities of archicad for my own little practice. Particularly I need to know to what extent Archicad is exposed to scripting or programming. I need to do the following: 1) automagically place (parametric) GDL objects...