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Graphisoft and developers...

at least I think so. 1 -The last years, two months or so before GS release BIMx, i developed a tool to translate archicad geometry to android... and two month later GS release BIMx for iPad, i abandoned the project. Before GS release BIMx I didn't re...

newbie question

Hi all, So, for debug my add-on, I use ACAPI_WriteReport() function for display a const char*. But I would like to display a int and cast doesn't works . I search for an other function but no result... Did you have an idea for display a int ? PS : Po...


Hello everyone, my name is Daniel. I started creating more GDL objects, and i have a problem with array parameters, maybe you can help me. If i have 3 parameters A, B and C. IF A=2; B=3 then I want that parameter C have 2 values because A=2 and anoth...

Cosminn by Newcomer
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Compiling AC14 & AC15 Add-on Xcode LLVM Compiler

Hi All, I'm trying to get Archicad Add-ons for OSX 10.6/10.7 to compile in Xcode 4.2 or 4.3 using the Apple LLVM Compiler 3.0, so I can use the awesome LLVM Static Analyser. I have one problem. I'm getting two instances of this compile error: "'Mutab...

nikko by Newcomer
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Archicad plugin incompatible with OS X Lion ?

Hi all, my name is Tristan HULOT, I'm developer in the company Atila Diffusion. Here is my problem : I develop a plugin for Archicad 15 software, this plugin has a trial version of 30 days and a full version. And to activate this plugin requires an a...

Archicad crashes when using API_WallRelation

Hello, I'm developing an Add-on that generates some information from a selected wall. For that, I need information on the connections of a wall. I've been using the API_WallRelation and, for the most part of the cases, everything works fine (conBeg, ...

Problem compiling

Hello! I developed a great tool for my needs to AC 13 using the API 13. Last week I purchased AC15 and therefore wanted to have the add-on to this version as well, so I downloaded the 15 kit and using VS 2005 tried to compile a project (a brand new A...

zanzibar by Newcomer
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How to make the .apx file?

Hello everybody, Im new in the Archicad development sphere and I have a lot of questions, so I hope this is the right place? Recently I installed Visual C++ 2005 and I tried to run the Panel_test examples in the Graphisoft folder. When I Build it, i ...