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What's ModelerAPI::Element::GetGenId() ?

When looking at some headers of the SDK, it looks like a GenId might refer to a "Genral Unique Id".But, still, what's a GenId, and since elements can already return a GS::Guid, what purpose might it serve?

Passing parameters to subroutines

HiIs it possible to pass parameters to subroutines? This page talks about parameters, but I can't find the syntax: can subroutines call other subroutines?Thanks

Resolved! How to change building material in column?

Hello.I try to chage column's building material in ArchiCAD24.But there is no buildingMaterial parameter in column. I remember there was existed buildingMaterial in ArchiCAD22.I found that at API_ColumnSegmentType. But I don't know how to change this...

Returning Subroutine definitions from a Macro

HiIs it possible to return subroutines defined in a macro? If so, how are they returned and how are they used in the caller object? Subs should be after END, and if a macro returns it, it would be before END, so I'm not sure how (if at all) this thin...

Resolved! Opening Shape

What parameter allows me to determine the shape of an Opening? There doesn't seem to be any REQUEST functions for Openings, and the OPENING_ parameters don't list a shape...

Bruce by Booster
  • 10 replies

Ampersand disappearing

How do I stop the ampersand (&) symbol from disappearing in UI_TOOLTIP text? It appears fine in a UI_OUTFIELD, but not in UI_TOOLTIP.

Bruce by Booster
  • 13 replies

Resolved! Customizing Grid tool prefixes, indexes and suffixes

I'm from Georgia and I make projects in Georgian languages and it would be very useful for me to import Georgian alphabet in grid tool. Could anyone support me to add Georgian alphabet to grid tool?E.G.:A,B,C...a,b,c...I,II,II...ა,ბ,გ... <<< My langu...

Incorrect polygon winding order for Objects

Has anyone ever noticed that quite a few objects from the library of objects in Archicad are made of parts with polygons with the wrong winding order? In theory, front-facing polygons should have vertices in counter-clockwise order, but some objects ...