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[SOLVED] Rotate View

Hello everyone, Is there a way to create a rotated navigator view thru API? I've tried setting the tranmat but nothing happens after I do "APIEnv_NewNavigatorViewID". 2d tranmat of 45 deg. angle: tmx[0] = 0.707107, tmx[1] = -0.70...

Add-on doesn't work on Mac with ArchiCAD 18

Hi all !! I have compile an example project with the API 18 on mac. The add-on on my computer where i compile but he doesn't work on my others computers. I have this message follow : "This is an old add-on version" in the add-on manager. Whar can i d...

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Here are some of my questions: Is there a way to get where the sun symbol and the swing (arrow symbol) is? (See image.) When creating a door, the sun icon represents the safe side of the door and arrow represents which way the door will swing. I foun...

Store additional information for an element

Hi, Which is the best way to concatenate information related to an element? Is it required to create an stl container and use that to store elements and related information, or is it possible to store arrays, variables, etc inside the elements? Thank...

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AC18 DevKits are available

Hi fellow developers, The ArchiCAD 18 API development kits are available in the download area. Don't forget to read the New Features Guide Good luck, Ákos

Help using ACAPI_Element_Change to change Door's "info"

I'm needing help to change the of all doors. I've been able to use this API function to change a Wall's info but for some reason no luck with Doors API_Element element, mask; Int32 nElem; GSErrCode err; char newID[256]; ...

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Custom Toolbox panel

Greetings, Is there a way for you to add a custom panel in the toolbox? I already know how to create a new custom element (via ACAPI_Register_Subtype as seen below), but the thing is you need to add it via Work Environment after loading the add-on. (...

Roof creation

Hi All, Do you have any sample code how to create a roof from a set of points on a single plane? Thanks, Andor

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