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Add Pop-up Control and Check Box in List Box Items.

I created a List Box where I will add some list items. And my plan is i will add individual Pop-up Control and Check Box with every list box item. Here I share my idea plan demo picture you will find that image in this post attachments.I already chec...

Jahidur by Participant
  • 6 replies

What are complete operations? Is Do_QuitID working?

HelloHow would I call a "complete operation" from an add-on?It can't be called from an undoable context and it can't be called from a non-undoable context ... and I don't understand what other options remain.(This was also asked on April 27th ... WHE...

Undefined material type in model ?

I am testing a couple of things using the sample projet found here: use the modeler API to enumerate the materials from the model. I call Material::GetType() to obtain the material type, which ...

Glass fill origin

Hi,Ive added a symbol fill to the glass panel in a window and i want to adjust the fill origin. i want this fill to show in 2D front / sektion / facade. the default origin is project origin. best would be for the fill origon to always be at the top c...

Splitting Drawings in Layout

Hi,I am trying to Split a drawing into two drawings.The situation is:While placing a drawing in layout we need to split the drawing into two drawings(just make the drawing into half) and will put in on the layout.I have tried it with "APIDb_StartClip...

Nayan by Booster
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Resolved! Poly2 flips the line

When using a symbol line for poly2 and its brethren it will flip the line direction at the rounded parts. With the native polyline this of course does not happen.What did I miss?

runxel by Mentor
  • 2 replies

Access Layout Properties from Master Lyout

Is there a way to access layout data in an object placed in a master layout? I need to create an object that looks different on each layout, depending on the layout's id.Autotexts - work from masterlayout but can't be used to drive a scriptn = reques...

BMInit() not found?

Hi Ppl!I have to use a lot of memory (over 128 meg) in an addon. The addon has to support Win and Mac OS. I found details of a built-in memory manager in GSRoot addon kit docs ( \API Development Kit XXXXXX\Documentation\MSDN\GSRoot\GSRoot.chm ). The ...

API DevKit sample code Element Test Hotlink struggle

Hi everyone!I'm a newbie here so some of my questions might seem strange and I'm sorry in advance if I'm breaking any rules with my post. I'm trying to learn to understand how to program some addons. I use the API Dev Kit 24.3009. I'm an architect by...

szfri by Participant
  • 2 replies