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Resolved! Modifying selection-set using a list of guids

Hi I am trying to modify a selection set, based on a list of guids, by looping through the guid-list and calling the following function for each guid: void MyPalette::ModifySelection(const GS::UniString& elemGuidStr) { ACAPI_Element_Select({ API_Neig...

Resolved! GDL - How can I get user-defined properties?

Hello. I can retrieve the core and IFC properties with Application Query Options.But I cannot retrieve the user-defined properties with this query.The reference guide describes it as follows. These queries don’t return user-defined properties. Then h...

List box header

Hi, I found that the list box header is also set using the list-box-header-strings-resource-ID, as below: // set texts: GS::UniString headerName; RSGetIndString (&headerName, LAYER_DIALOG_LIST_BOX_HEADER_STRINGS_RESID, 1, ACAPI_GetOwnResModule()); la...

Resolved! How to set GDL parameter from addon?

Hi! It will be great to find an example of how to set GDL's parameter from the addon. If there is an example in the SDK's "Examples" folder, I cannot identify which one. Could someone help me out, please? Thx,


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