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Drawing polyLines

I'm getting the error APIERR_REFUSEDCMD (-2130312312) when I try to create a polyline. The code below is much simplified and with extra comments...Am I missing something? void DrawPoly(void){ API_ElementMemo memo; API_ElementMemo* pMemo = &memo; API_...

Ramblin by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

File IO in properties script

Properties script of a GDL object tries to write some data into a file. Activating the script from menu (Listak | Elemlista | ...) works well. However by calling ACAPI_Element_GetComponents from an add-on properties script fails to write into the fil...

[newbie]Window/Door ID

In API_Element structure, which field is the ID we can see it in W/D setting dialog? I read the document times and times, but failed. Thanks.

Custom panels

I've been poring over the panel_test example, and looking over some previous posts on adding custom panels. I understand the panel_tex...

Ramblin by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

3d Model dump example?

I am trying to learn the basics of the API. I usually learn simply by example. Its easier for me. I would like to ask if there is somewhere an example of a model dump. I mean loop through all elements and for each element output geometry materials an...

Save as HTML doesnot work for the Custom text window.

I planned to use the Custom text window ( APIWind_MyTextID ) for my reports. I hoped, that Save As HTML and tabulated text options will work like it works for Calculation lists. I used similar formatting (using = and | ). However it does not work. An...

Oleg by Advocate
  • 0 replies

Add-on suddenly stops working

I've been working on an Add-on for AC9. Going fine, starting to get the hang of the ACAPI (and C++ ). Suddenly, ArchiCAD is telling me that the Add-on cannot be loaded. Checking in the Add-on manager, I see: The file is either not an Add-On or an out...

Ramblin by Newcomer
  • 15 replies

Development in C# anyone?

Has anyone given this a try yet? I've read the 'Non Visual C++ Development' document several times now. I figured I'd at least see what happens. It shouldn't be hard in C# to use the ACAP_DLL.apx or to implement the initialization and termination fun...

Ramblin by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

libPart_updateSection problems

Hello, When I change a default value of a library part parameter for some strange reason the option 'set as default' on the library parts interface script is getting turned off. This is in AC v7. My code basically does: ACAPI_LibPart_GetSect_ParamDef...