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CodeWarrior linking issue

Hello All, I am very newbie on a Mac platform and CodeWarrior compiler. CW just arrived yeaterday. Though I have coped and have compiled one of my projects to try ( and it works ) but I can not understand a linker issue. ( API 6.1 ) I actively use ST...

Oleg by Advocate
  • 8 replies

ODBC / SQL - Requests

On serach of making external SQL-requests to my plan-files I was reading a bit about the ODBC-drivers for win. I just made a simple connect to a plan from a 'open office' shedule, but had not time to get it completely working. I am wondering if there...

GRC compiler crashing on OS X

Hi guys, The transition to CodeWarrior on OS X from VS/XP has been 'interesting' and a little time consuming. Any GRC file that I move from my XP machine to the Mac causes the Graphisoft GRC compiler (ConvertGRC_90) to crash. I thought it was just my...


I've done it again... I've relooked at my Radiance exporter and am stumbling on the decomposition of the ArchiCAD polygon into a set of valid convex polygons. I think it is a strictly C++ question, but the sparse documentation leaves me not much choi...

stefan by Booster
  • 5 replies

Serious issues exporting component lists for estimating.

Hello, My company is using v7r3 of archiCAD under windows NT and 2000 and have noticed a strange bug when saving text windows. This is causing problems with our estimating when we have been saving a component list scheme. As a solution for this I hav...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 4 replies

Enabling commands in GDL 2D symbol window: How?

Following the documentation for STR# resources, the menu strings for my little QuickDisplay plug-in include "^" codes so that the commands are also available in section and detail windows: 'STR#' 32500 "Menu strings" { /* [ 1] */ "QuickDisplay" /* [ ...

ACAPI_Element_ChangeDefaults function question

I am attempting to change the layer used for Polylines, based on the color that is selected. (Long story). The idea is that if the user selects color 164, another function will be called to scan for what layer that should be. This part seems to work,...

TomWaltz by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

CodeWarrior 9 question

Hi guys, Well, I'm about to take the plunge into the Mac/OS X world in the next couple of weeks, buying a used system from a fellow ac-talker. Jumping into a new world of products and terminology, I feel safer double checking things before purchasing...