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store selection set as .mod

Hi, currently we are working on housing projects with appartment-types. those are beeing saved as .mod files and importet to our floorplans as those projects are getting bigger and bigger, the number of appartment-types is rising and i tr...

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Resolved! Multiple add-ons not loading

HiI created two add-ons, each having its own unique 'Local ID', and my developer ID. Each works fine when loaded independently at a time in Archicad 25. But when I try to load both of them in the same instance of Archicad, only one works.Could it be ...

Resolved! Creating elements from GDL code

Is it possible to create Arhicad elements (polyline, grid, hatching, wall, beam, hole, etc.) directly from the GDL script code? To access or change their properties?

Resolved! Modifying selection-set using a list of guids

Hi I am trying to modify a selection set, based on a list of guids, by looping through the guid-list and calling the following function for each guid: void MyPalette::ModifySelection(const GS::UniString& elemGuidStr) { ACAPI_Element_Select({ API_Neig...

Resolved! GDL - How can I get user-defined properties?

Hello. I can retrieve the core and IFC properties with Application Query Options.But I cannot retrieve the user-defined properties with this query.The reference guide describes it as follows. These queries don’t return user-defined properties. Then h...