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Using the Development Kit with Visual Studio 2022

Hi everyone, In the last couple of weeks we got several questions regarding Visual Studio 2022 and the API DevKit. If you try to use VS 2022 to build your AddOns, you have to keep in mind a few things. First, Archicad 25 and Archicad 26 is built with...

Discontinuing some REQUESTS in 3D context

Hi all! GS is considering to change the availability of some requests in 3D context. CUSTOM_AUTO_LABEL MATCHING_PROPERTIES ASSOCEL_PROPERTIES We couldn't come up with ideas why they would be useful in 3D, and it would help us technically to treat the...

Resolved! Editing objects

Thank you for your time and attention. I am working on electrical layouts and the roofs for this residence are steep. I would like to have a better way to see it so I may edit. Please, I want to edit the electrical symbols, which are library objects,...


Hello there, in order to automatically retrieve the ThermalResistance in various elements, i wonder how to deploy the value from ThermalConductivity, found in BuildingMaterials for calculating the Value by the Thickness of the material. Since i am co...

Live updating "Input" command

Hello, I'm creating a object which reads a text file that another object writes to. I've got the workflow working as intended however I am required to manually update the object which reads from the text file. Both are placed on separate layouts. Is ...

JGoode by Advocate
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C++ developer wanted

We're working on Archicad add-ons at my company and would like to onboard a part-time C++ developer to our team. Let me know if you have any recommendations or you know online communities where I can contact them.

Responsive Panel using Grasshopper Connection

We are working on a new object that can be connected to a complex shape in Grasshopper using the Connection plug in. In this post we will update you on the WIP of the object.This object is an evolution of the object we created for the Graphisoft comp...

Schermata 2022-06-27 alle 06.35.39.png

label and fill with building material

Hi everyoneThere's no label which extract properties out of a fill? In the settings of the label it looks like it would be possible to extract the properties of the building material... Is there another way, another label I could use or did I somethi...

bimdo by Booster
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