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Using the Development Kit with Visual Studio 2022

Hi everyone, In the last couple of weeks we got several questions regarding Visual Studio 2022 and the API DevKit. If you try to use VS 2022 to build your AddOns, you have to keep in mind a few things. First, Archicad 25 and Archicad 26 is built with...

revert APIIo_IsProcessCanceledID?

is there a way to negate APIIo_IsProcessCanceledID? I am currently using this inside a for-loop: if (ACAPI_Interface(APIIo_IsProcessCanceledID)) { reply = DGAlert(DG_WARNING, "WARNING!!!", "Do you really want to stop this operation?", "", "Yes", // D...

Get Hotlink Rotation?

Hello, how do I get the hotlink orientation in the module settings? I'm assuming it's in the Group element (API_GroupType) of the hotlink (in group.hlmAngle): std::vector elemList; GetElements(elemList, API_HotlinkID); //just a function to get all el...

Dialog function errors

Is there a way to get the error a dialog function encounters? Example, DGAppendDialogItem() returns 0 if an error was encountered. But what is this error? Did I pass a wrong ID, type, sub-type, etc? Is there a function that I can call to get this err...

Resolved! Dialog's GSResModule [SOLVED]

The previous API does not require this value. Example: void DGGetDialogSize (short dialId, short rectType, short* hSize, short* vSize); now it is: void DGGetDialogSize (GSResModule dialResModule, short dialId, short rectType, short* hSize, short* vSi...

Resolved! Policy on modifying standard library objects

well I cant really ask for money for the cabinet as it is not my property. I could however send you a detailed step by step process to add the option yourself. Its really not to difficult, and it will give you some more indepth knowledge of gdl. mayb...

Get all doors on a zone. [RE-OPEN]

I am able to get the doors on a zone using ACAPI_Element_GetRelations(API_RoomRelation). But what I found out is that this is applicable to doors where its face/surface touches the edge of a zone. I am having trouble now getting the doors where they ...

ODBC Documentation under AC18

Is there new ODBC documentation available? I could not find any in "AC18 ODBC Installer (3006).zip" or in "API DevKit Win (3006).tar.gz" The last documentation I can find if for AC16, and this still has help-page headings with "ArchiCAD 12" on them a...

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Cascading Menu

As a Newbie, I'm trying to create a sub-menu on the third level. I'm OK with the first two levels, but can't figure out how to attach a sub menu to item 1A-A to create the third level per the attached image?

User Control

As a newbie to the API, I am still wading through the documentation. Was wondering if anyone has any info on User Control Number 262. I think something to do with color. I can't find anything in the documentation although it may be buried deep. The h...

Image on IconButton

Hi Guys, I have a problem my images not appear on my IconButton, they appear on my old version with the API 17, now on the API 18 they not appear. I have this bug on mac and windows. All images was in "RFIX > images" 'GDLG' 32506 Modal 102 0 290 600 ...

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