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GDL Question - Paragraph Linking

Hi GDL Experts,Here is my GDL code for PARAGRAPH syntax below. I can enter the text manually in the code by opening the GDL object and overwriting the text in it. Currently that works on one off basis, but I have a project where I need to add several...

Define Solid Fill

Hi GDL Coders,I would like to define my own fills in a GDL object without having to rely on the locally loaded fill options. I have found online some examples of hard coded syntax fills as below: !!!Define Fills (Start) !===Fill Type 1: Solid DEFINE ...

Labeling a Hard-coded Property

I would like to have a simple label which calls out a specific hard-coded property. Not a general properties label. For example, we have a property under General called Remarks. Seems like this should be the code, but it does not work: DIM _propertyV...

Events and Notifications on dialog items

Hello!How can I use the event notifications in Archicad API?I created a new Button class based on the DG::Button class which has a "name" variable. When I click this button I want to make something happen. For now I am using if(ev.GetSource() == some...

Adding Macro Parameters

Hi all,When using a macro, is there someway to automatically add all of the relevant parameters? I am wanting to use the GS TurnPlaster and CavityClosure macros.Ling.

Resolved! Graphic UI Text Bug - UI_OUTLINE is cut short

I found that ever since version 24 (and still on 25) my graphic user interface text gets cut off short when using the UI_OUTFIELD command. This was not an issue v23 and earlier. Any insight would be appreciated.Partial code for reference: !!!---Colum...

jakubc7 by Booster
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How do I get an expanded list of item properties?

Hello, everyone. Could you please tell me, how to get all the information about the selected element on the scene? What methods should I use to get this information? List of the elements I getting using ACAPI_Element_GetElemList. After getting all el...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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