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Resolved! Line Error in AddOn

I am trying to create a simple line in a new Add-On. I copied directly the line create function from the Element.Test Example. Create Line works Ok in Element test but will not work in my new addon -- yes - I did wrap it in the undoable command. my o...

Resolved! Extract Global Variable array into a user selected dropdown list

Hi AllI am trying to extract the first row from the GLOB_ISSUE_SCHEME global variable array and list it as a user-selected dropdown list. I know how to use a REQUEST statement to list fonts using FONTNAMES_LIST, or list individually using a VALUES st...

bej by Participant
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Pointer Array Length

This is a novice question so maybe someone can help!!I am using Goodies(APIAny_ActParametersID, &getParams, Nullptr);getParams->params (API_AddParType) returns a pointer to a list of the parameters in a Library PartHow do I get the number parameters ...

Resolved! How to get path to open document(file) ?

Hello everyone. How I can get path/filename and other information about the opened file/document?I can`t find information about it in the documentation. Could you help me with this issue?

Resolved! APIAny_ChangeAParameterID

Need some help in changing a STRING parameter in a Library Part. I have looked at several examples and they all only show modifying a float parameter. The problem I'm having is getting the API_​ChangeParamType GS::uchar_t *uStrValue attribute to poin...

Find current MVO name

I know there is a proper way to do this, as in create custom MVO parameters and UI and access them inside the object, but I need help with a quick and dirty solution to an issue I have.How can I access the current MVO name of the current view.I want ...

Narska by Booster
  • 1 replies

building material in the 2D-script

Hi,we want to do a graphic override of our GDL-objects. Now we got the problem, that we can't choose which part of the GDL-object we want to override (same like composit walls). Is it possible to get a pen out of the graphic override combinations or ...

Manuel by Newcomer
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Resolved! Error in loading Add-on in ARCHICAD

I have developed an Add-on. While I have used ARCHICAD 24 3008 INT TRIAL (Trial version)API Development Kit 24.3009and VS2017 (CMake Build)I have successfully build the code and got the .apx file. I can load the Add-on perfectly in my machine and it ...

Nayan by Booster
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In the GDL manual the panel size is advised as preset to 444 x 296. In AC24 5000 UKI on MAC I have found oversize tab page bounds errors are reported for elements exceeding 480 x 266. What is the current official UI panel size?