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Door/Window head/sill height above storey level.

I may be missing something very obvious here but I have a problem.I want to add text to a door object that shows the height of the lintel above it.I am not interested in a separate label (I am pretty sure that would be possible, but it is not what I ...

window positioning

I created a window composed of a wallhole with four hotspots that can move in all directions to allow me to create an opening in any shape i want.My problem is that when I move one of the corners the whole window will be moved to keep the center the ...

Create Template(.tpl) files using the Add-Ons

Trying to create a template manager in ARCHICAD using the Add-Ons where user will create a template and assign preferred combination of settings(scale, penset, layer combination).Have gone through the Input Output module of the devkit documentation b...

Nayan by Booster
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Resolved! Creating User Interface in Add-Ons

Hello, I am new to ARCHICAD. Need to do some automation task in ARCHICAD 24 using the Add-Ons. For this I need to create a user interface (Text box, Dropdown etc. to interact with the user). For this reason I have come to know that we can use Visual ...

Nayan by Booster
  • 2 replies

Efficient way to crop text by length in cm

Hi,i hope I haven’t missed a function, but I’m looking for a efficient way to crop text by a given length and not by the number of characters, like “strsub”.Maybe somebody have a better solution.My actual solution is:while stw(txt1) >100 do !** 100 i...