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Python Add-On Command Handler Error

I am trying to create a application which inputs parameters from a Python dialog to configure and place a Library Part. When I call the Python application internal to Archicad the program "hangs" at the point of library part placement. When I then ex...

Removing an array key (with value)

HiAs a dictionary key can be removed using the function REMOVEKEY (dictionary.key), is there a way to remove an array's key (with value)?I tried: myDict.myArray[1] = 1 REMOVEKEY(myDict.myArray[1]) but that does not seem to remove it.Thanks

Archicad25 development kits are available

Hi folks,It's my pleasure to announce the Archicad 25 devkits -- please visit the developer site to download.The enclosed document lists the recent changes, and other information which may prove useful.Best regards...

Setting array dimensions with parameters

HiI'm trying to set an array's dimension by using a parameter value, like this: num = 3 !will be set by the parameter DIM myArray[num] This gives an error as: "Array dimensions must be positive numeric constants ..."It does work, of course, with: DIM...

Resolved! Cannot figure out how to get wall radius for label

I need to script a label, that would know radius (also coordinates of radius centre) of the wall. I looked how window knows about it - for that there is special global variable WIDO_ORIG_DIST. But wall's global variables do not have any information a...

Resolved! AddOnCommand

I am trying to configure a AddOnCommad AddIn by following Tibors Publish Example. Unfortunately, Tibor only demo the transfer of Strings. I need to also transfer integer (int), boolean, number (double)When I type code for a integer type in the functi...

How to export utf-8 strings?

Code to test (AC23): char orig_utf8[8]; orig_utf8[0] = 0x6b; orig_utf8[1] = 0xc3; orig_utf8[2] = 0xa1; orig_utf8[3] = 0x74; orig_utf8[4] = 0x79; orig_utf8[5] = 0xc3; orig_utf8[6] = 0xba; orig_utf8[7] = 0x00; GS::UniString gs_str_in(orig_utf8, CC_UTF8...

How to assign default materials

Hi, I'm trying to force objects to gain default materials every time I open it in either ArchiCAD 20, 22 or 24. Every project in different ArchiCAD-version has their own unique ID for each material, because of different amount of materials. An ID-val...

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Resolved! Archicad 25 compile error

With the release of the 25 devkit, I am trying to compile Tibor's Example project: PUBLISH--- archicad-additional-jason-commands. Referenced in a previous post.I used Cmake to create the Visual Studio vcxproj file it run without error.cmake -G "Visua...

Exception/Crash with ModelerAPI::Model::GetLight?

I am experiencing a problem when enumerating the lights in a model.- Load the S-Office sample- Call ModelerAPI::Model::GetLightCount(), returns 253 lights in the model.- Call ModelerAPI::Model::GetLight(4, &light), and argument 4 causes exception to ...