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Resolved! Clip Polyline behaviour in multiple cuts

Hi GSI found that the GDL ClipPolyline operation returns the right amount of cut polylines, but they are all the same ones. Have I missed something or is it a bug? I certainly wish this operation returned all cut polylines.-You can move the polyline ...

Python Feasibility to automate shadow studies?

I'm not asking anyone to help me script this, but as a total noob to Python, I'd like to know if it could be used to do the following:Shadow Study Automation. 3D presets are a chore and Publisher doesn't support the creation of 2D Lines files which i...

Archicad scripting

Hello everyone,I used to work with Autocad for many years and now I recently switched to Archicad due to requirements from the office. I used to write a lot of autolisp programs for Autocad and now I would like to start writing scripts for Archicad, ...

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Resolved! API Devkit Example Project Build Issue

I am trying to Build the example project provided by the API Development kit. But having some issue while trying to Build the code. Besides this example project structure are different to the Archicad CMake Add-on template.Any suggestions to build ex...

Nayan by Booster
  • 3 replies

Python plugin, what's next ?

Hello, The introduction of python scripting in ArchiCAD 24 was a revolution in the software development, but, what's next ? except of the few scripts to rename chairs, zones, what can we do with it ? how far can we go with this plugin ? any good case...

Basic Light Code

I cannot seem to get what I want out of the basic light code as presented in the GDL Manual...All is fine... until I want intensity to be greater than 100... The light simply does not shine at all..In backward engineering from a recessed can by graph...

LIBRARYGLOBAL vs 2-dimension array

I'm performing a LIBRARYGLOBAL request on a 2-dimension array in my MVO.The MVO array parameter (call it zone_position_content) has dimensions [7][6]However, when I perform the LIBRARYGLOBAL request, the returned array has dimensions [1][42]What am I...

Bruce by Booster
  • 6 replies

Request for MVO "Options for Construction Elements"

I'm looking for an option to request or read the settings in the MVO "Options for Construction Elements"I only find it for "door_show_dim" or "windw...", but not for the other options.Have i missed something in the documantation?Frankn = REQUEST ("do...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

Object Postion

Is it possible to define these parameters in a GDL part in the same you are able define a,b and z setting

Anonymous by Not applicable
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