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Running pre-compiled binaries in GDL

Имеется модель EW-FAC (, написанная на IDL. Модель поставляется в бинарном формате. Я пытаюсь запустить EW-FAC при помощи GDL. Файл не запускается и не выдаётся никаких ошибок.Я никогда не работала ни с IDL, ни с GDL....

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Automate publisher tasks?

Hi,I'm looking into a Windows program that can trigger automatic publishing from Archicad solo and teamwork.Can it be done at all from a technical point of view?This is what I’m referring to:,Mats

PARAM-O Minimum Accuracy of 10mm?

Hello,A quick question re: units in Param-o.It seams that the smallest unit that the Length parameter etc. can go down to is 0.01 which is equal to 10mm?Not quite sure how to get it down to 1mm?Seems silly that it wouldn't have this level of accuracy...

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Modal Dialogs

I am trying to create Modal Dialogs programmatically in a Add-On and I can not find a example to follow. All of the examples in DG-Test use the grc resource.Can anyone supply,or point me to, a example of creating a Modal Dialog from scratch stating w...

Element Creation Date

Is there any way to retrieve the date and time when any given element was created in Archicad?I tried finding it in Property formulas, IFC and Python with no success.

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Resolved! GDL can read hardware id?

Hello.I am making very simple objects for use specifics, and i want to know, how i can get the hardware id? for purpose of licence simple, only with gdl.

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Own window

I've just created my own window but can't get rid of these lines on the arc

Archicad 24 Browser Control Url Changed Handler Issue

Hello EveryoneI am currently checking out the examples of the SDK 24. I was trying to implement a simple urlChanged handler on the DG::Browser in the BrowserPalette Class. I was working with handlers before in C# but not in C++. When i try to build i...

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Resolved! GDL Array parameters size

Hi!Is it possible to create a parameter with dynamic size?Lets say that I have a construction C1, and I want to add another to the array C2, but I don't know how many constructions will be added from different users.Is it possible to add new input to...