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Resolved! Questioning about Backward Migration Script !!!

Hi there,I was reading ArchiCAD GDL Reference Guide about Backward Migration, and I have found the following in the guide, Backward migration only works for one version back, so the targetGUID only needs to be set once (except when you make a fork in...

Resolved! Where is the BMModifyHandleState function?

Hey, according to the docs, we have to lock the handle's memory before accessing it (I guess to avoid race conditions with the memory manager during memory relocation). To do this we have to call BMModifyHandleState and set the state to locked. Howev...

Timo by Newcomer
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LibXL - How to convert GS::UniString to wchar_t *?

Hi,I'm looking at the Database_Control example for Archicad 23 and I see that the example shows using a define to convert: UNISTR_TO_LIBXLSTR(str) (str.ToUstr ()) , however I cannot get the example or my own project to build when following this code....

Resolved! ACAPI_LibPart_SetDetails_ParamDef function signature

Hello,the function signature of ACAPI_LibPart_SetDetails_ParamDef looks like this: ACAPI_LibPart_GetSect_ParamDef (const API_LibPart *libPart, API_AddParType **addPars, double*a, double*b, GSHandle sect2DDrawHdl, GSHandle *sectionHdl, GS::UniString *...

Timo by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Export DWG with code?

HelloI want to exports DWG file with API.I didn’t find a way to do it.Thanks in advance!Edit:I was able to do that with the example in the MSDN at ACAPI_command_externalcall

Tomer1 by Newcomer
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2D Text Limitation in Opening Tool

Are there any limitations in the 2D Script of the new(23) Opening Tool. I have to create a 2D text, but it's only shown in the Preview, but not in the plan. Anothe Problem is that i want to show this text outside the opening boundaries, but 2 D Eleme...

Return size of macro

Anyone has a nice strategy to get the size of the macro you're calling?This would be very handy.E.g. row of chairs where you want to place them in distance.Returning "A" and "B" doesn't work, sadly.

runxel by Mentor
  • 10 replies

Resolved! Hiding 2D hotspots in 3D view

My object is displaying static hotspots from the 2D script in the 3D view. For clarity in my model I only want to see the few 3D hotspots I have created. How do I hide the 2D hotspots without loosing associative dimensions in 2D?Is this a job for GLO...