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Property Transfer using Python

I posted a YouTube video which describes a possible use of the Python API to transfer properties from a Excel SS to a Archicad plan. The idea is to create an office standard spreadsheet(s) of properties for different objects which can fill in all tho...

Wall end lines on custom window

How can I remove the wall end lines of a custom window object? I use the fragment2 command so that the symbol is independent from the size of the actual window. Ganging command in window properties does not eliminate it.

Narska by Booster
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Import external detail

Hello developers,my goal is to import an external DWG file as a drawing in a new detail window. This is very trivial to do as a user, but I am having an issue with doing it programmatically.As I have understood in the documentation I can't just creat...

Dejmas by Participant
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How to export model with self-defined button?

Hi,I'd like to develop a plugin to export model with self-defined UI. I notice in the example ModelAccess_Test, it uses ACAPI_Register_FileType and can export model through the Archicad "Save As" choice. But if I add my own button in the UI, anyone k...

AC24 Python Palette on macOS

Has anyone managed to get the Python Palette in AC24 to display on macOS 10.14 yet? As per the Getting Started PDF we have been trying to get it to show, but it does not seem to work for us.Appreciate the palette is still an experimental feature, but...

Palette question

I managed to get my first add-on to work. Now I'd like to make it look good.- Is it possible to make an add-on palette dockable like the default archicad palettes to integrate it nicely in the UI.- The API documentation only mentions palettes, not to...

PROJECT2{4} syntax

I would like to create a 2D representation cutting through the 3D geometry of my GDL object. Is there a simple example available anywhere of the syntax for this? The example on the archicad site with the contours is overly complex. Where I believe I ...

Resolved! Python- Edit Built-In Properties

I need to edit some Built-In Properties and would like to know which properties are editable and which are not without having to test each beforehand.The C++ API property definition structure has a attribute 'canValueBeEditable' which indicates this....