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Resolved! Foreground & Background Fill Pens for Fragment2

Hi there, Is their a way I can customise the Foreground & Background pens for a fill, to customise a symbol appearance with the use of Fragment2 ?? PS: I have already seen this thread and it ...

Python - Renovation Status

One of the biggest problems that I'm running into in working with property automation is the lack of access to the property 'Renovation Status'. I can't find it in the General property list and am wondering if it is listed under another name?I would ...

GDL Standard Library Macro hierarchies

I am looking to do some work on custom windows, doors etc. and wondered if there is any documentation anywhere of the hierarchy of macros that get called in the standard library so I can see what elements I can call and what I need to build from scra...

Param-o - Changing GDL object parameters

Hello, When a GDL object like a chair is imported in Param-o, is there a way to edit the surface of the individual parts like arms, back-rest fabric, etc. which are available for editing in the object-settings when the object is normally edited outsi...

Resolved! How to make progress bar move?

Hi.I am trying to use DG::ProgressBar but I don't know how to make the bar move. It just stays still. Should I rewrite some functions?

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Resolved! Run a script when file is loaded? (C++)

Hello,My goal is to open a pln file, and to run a script from my addon after my file is loded.What I want to do is to open bunch of files by an external program, automatically process each on them with my addon.Thanks a lot!

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Resolved! Changing Change Marker name via python

Hi!I'm running around this task the whole day and there is no working solution found.I need to find all selected API_ChangeMarkerID = 4 items and change the name of each trough loop.Plus, in the process I went from AC23 to AC24 and all the code from ...

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Is there a way to change the menu text while running?

Hi.I am trying to write a plugin which can update itself. Since there is no way to unload the apx while running, I make the apx to be a "shell" which can dynamic load dll. The dll ontains the implementation. However, I have no idea about RegisterInte...

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