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Renovation status and 3D?

Hi,I have 2D-symbols controlled by renovation status but I seem not able to do the same in 3D!?This is my MASTERSCRIPT: renoStatus = "" _r = APPLICATION_QUERY ("OwnCustomParameters", "GetParameter(Renovation.RenovationStatus)", renoStatus) pen 1 This...

Python question

Hi,No python forum yet so I post here instead.I had a look at the example script "Excel File Exporter" and would like to add some building material properties but I don't understand the syntax. The property is for example: UserDefinedPropertyUserId {...

Overwriting objects leads to DATA LOSS (WARNING)

Imagine the following case:You have a new version of an object and with a certain file they need to be in the embedded library.So you drag & drop the object to the library. You will get asked, if you want to overwrite. You select yes.Then the followi...

runxel by Ace
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Using Dictionary in Parameters?

In AC24 I have noticed in the Array option has been removed and replaced with Dictionary. Can we display the contents? How do we to edit these values? I can't access this type of variable in my objects.

APIERR_BADWINDOW when save as ifc

Hello.I am trying to save as an IFC file in ArchiCAD 22.But I got the APIERR_BADWINDOW error code from ACAPI_Automate(APIDo_SaveID, &fsp, &pars_ifc).The following are the parameters entered before running ACAPI_Automate.GS::UniString filePath = L"C:\...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Moving Layout ID number in Drawing Title

Hello--I am wondering if there is any way to move the layout ID number in the drawing title. I can move the drawing number with the scale tool in the pet pallet, but not the layout ID. The layout ID is just a tad too close to the separation line abov...

Resolved! Exposing Variables

I have a fairly complex GDL object containing a number of parts which I want to analyse for quantities. I have a collection of Dictionary values which are populated in the 3D script as the model assembles the parts. I can summarise the variables from...