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Resolved! using Data from 2D section for 3D cut

I created a user definded window with complex 3D data. When I create a vertical section through the window then the 3D data is cut. And the result is not what I want for a vertical section view. Is there a possibility to show data from the 2D section...

Favorite & GDL

Hello, we created a GDL-object with many parameters. Know we want to change some parameters of the placed objects with a favorit. Is there a way to get more settings for the parameter-transfer or is there a possibility to lock some parameters in GDL ...

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  • 6 replies

Resolved! How to get the path of texture

Hi,How could I get the path of texture? I am trying to export the model by using Modeler::element, but I could not find the way to get the texture file location.Could you help me? Thanks in advance.

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  • 2 replies

Resolved! Archicad 24 - Python

1) Is it possible that I cannot add the Python palette to any toolbar as it is an exerimental feature?2) Here ( the example "Excel file import" seems to be wrongly linked as it leads to the Excel file expor...

JSN by Booster
  • 14 replies

First add-on questions

Hi, I’m trying to write my first add-on for Archicad and after a few days of going through the API and exemples I have to admit I’m going nowhere. I’ve been writing GDL objects for years and a few simple programs in C++ but writing full fledge Add-On...

Resolved! Question about Arrays in GDL?

Hi there, I would like to ask if there was a maximum size for arrays (either parameter or variable) for 1D and 2D arrays ? And if there was any, how big it can get? And what is the safe limit that I should not break for safe usage ? And if Array type...

Resolved! North of a view in the layout

Hi everybody, Is there a way to get the north orientation of a view placed on a layout in GDL? It would be for a title object that show the north of the associate view. Thank you in advance, Mathias