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Changing Zone name using Python

Hello,Is there a way to to change the Zone name using Python?I have seen that Zone number can be changed.Creating a new custom property and considering it as Zone name, doesn't solve our Problem. We need to change the actual Zone name in the Zone sta...

Ady84a by Booster
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Not found *grc.rc2

Hi.I am trying to build an add-on apx file. However, I got an RC1015 error in visual studio. I just copied the project in the example and made some modification about file path. It seems that I could not compile the 'grc' file. Is it because that I f...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Custom elements in Furniture Layout

Is there a way to use custom chairs and tables in furniture layouts (Dining Table Round / Rectangle etc)? I understand, a custom table would be a bit troublesome, but a custom chair should be easy to do.

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

Getting Session Information

Hello Guys,How can I get information about the active session of the archicad, such as opening time, file / project name and etc? in pyhton / JSON API?tks

Archicad Plugin Get Current Path

Hi,I want to use an external dylib in my c++ plugin, and it reads a config.json file from current folder. But when I call "std::__fs::filesystem::current_path()", it only returns "/". I'm wondering where is the default location that Archicad runs? Or...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Issue: Pen Array Parameters - bug

Hi there, I'm writing this post to announce that GDL's pen Array parameter can not and will not accept pen number -1. For my point of view, if I´m capable of selecting a PEN parameter with the value of "-1", then the Pen Array Parameter should accept...

Python API - Classification

HelloThe function FindClassificationItemInSystem() takes in the system_name and the classification item as arguments, like this:classificationItem = acu.FindClassificationItemInSystem('ARCHICAD Classification', 'Chair')On upgrading a file from v22 or...

Property Transfer using Python

I posted a YouTube video which describes a possible use of the Python API to transfer properties from a Excel SS to a Archicad plan. The idea is to create an office standard spreadsheet(s) of properties for different objects which can fill in all tho...