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Param-O for macos ?

I watch the keynote yesterday and was quite impressed. As an avid GDL user i was quite excited by the new param-O and python addition to archicad. Imagine my deception when i found out that param-O is for PC only. Is there any plan to bring param-O t...

Archicad 24 API & other announcements

Folks,The Archicad 24 API devkits is available on the API site have also created a landing page ( for those who are interested in the capabilities of the brand new Python/J...

Resolved! How to make the basic modal dialog using resource?

Dear developers,I saw the DG_Test.But I didn't understand the codes.I wish to know how to make the basic modal dialog using resource.Following is my code. This is incomplete code. ... static short DGCALLBACK place_Euroform_Handler (short message, sho...

CW components compatibility

Hello, I am looking for a solution for my curtain wall elements problem. I've created some components of CW (mullions, transoms, panels) and they are working fine, but my idea is that they would read parameters from one another. E.g. if I change pane...

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Resolved! I always APIERR_REFUSEDCMD error.

Hello, good developers.I have a question.I'm a newbie.I'm practising with example source and other person's code.Even simple codes, it returns APIERR_REFUSEDCMD error.After ACAPI_Element_Create, any object did not appear on the screen.My goal is plac...

Resolved! ACAPI_CallUndoableCommand()

Hi there! In my code, ACAPI_CallUndoableCommand(undoBuffer,[&]() -> GSErrCode {*************************return GS::GSErrCodes::NoError;}); function returns always with " -2130312312 " error code, where undoBuffer is "char[256]" set by ACAPI_Resource_...

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Resolved! Curtain Wall Anchoring

Good day. I would like to know how to add anchor plates, anchor fist, and all related to curtain wall stack joint on my model. I can easily create my curtain wall but I do not how to integrate it to my slab. thanks

Hard code custom window opening direction?

Hi, When I model a window and save the library part as a window... is there a way to open the object and hard code opening direction so I can use that parameter in schedules and labels? Best, Mats EDIT: I was really clumsy writing orientation as in n...