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Help, label GDL, dynamic array

Hello, i am learning GDL, so i dont know how to resolve this: Please someone could help me. I am creating a laber in GDL, this is a table of dates, for example for 1 slab, i want to input data of the concrete in work for control of quality. i have 3 ...

andomar by Newcomer
  • 9 replies

create add on

Hi,I am quietly new on this platform. I need help to create custom add-on for Archicad, where should I start? Is there anyone who can give some tips?Thanks...

Adjustable hotspot - set boundaries to Ellipse & Circle

Hello, I have an object that uses 0, 0 as the centre point (so the 4 maximum points are -a/2, a/2, b/2, -b/2). I have a node that I don't want to be able to move outside of my ellipse / circle (Think tree trunk moving under a canopy, wouldn't be able...

JGoode by Enthusiast
  • 7 replies

How to access light intensity parameter?

Hello everybody!Seems like I need to update additional parameters that are not part of the lamp structure. Let's say I need to update light Intensity. We have API_LampType::lightColor -> API_RGBColor but I can't find intensity there. It's not a light...

Resolved! Menu inactive in elevation view

I had created a custom menu which activates some design tools like wall, door, slab, labels, dimensions etc. for drawing. This menu is available only while the user is in the plan view. As soon as the elevation view is brought up, the menu gets deact...

OBJ Export doesn't create mtl file

Hi,I recently moved to AC23 from AC21, and I'm trying to reprogram my add-on accordingly. In the previous version, i used the ACAPI_CommndCall to export OBJ files automatically. I rewrote the code in my new Addon, and it does create the OBJ file, but...