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Resolved! "Locking" available dimensions to set points

Hello, I am trying to lock a point to only be set to specific points. Usually I would just use Step in a Values line to define it but the points aren't evenly spaced throughout it all. Here is the script I currently have but I'm having some issues wi...

JGoode by Enthusiast
  • 7 replies

Get elements inside drawing cropped view

I am trying to get all elements (specifically wall) from a drawing element. This drawing element is a view of a floor plan. Here is my initial code: // change database BNZeroMemory(&dbInfo, sizeof(API_DatabaseInfo)); dbInfo.typeID = APIWind_DrawingID...

Read-Only Properties

Hello everyone, i'm a student working at an architecture bureau and im experimenting with the Python API and Archicad.Lately we've been trying to set things with the acc.SetPropertyValuesOfElements() method and while doing so we noticed that there ar...

Dayiz by Participant
  • 2 replies

Re: There is no Python panel

I have created a wish for graphisoft to decouple saving pallets and menus for exactly this reason. You can express your support for it here you, if you...


I built a window with WALLNICHES and Filling Blocks and wanted to have the same line colors and line weights in 2D and sections. In floor plan it works well with the LINE_PROPERTY command, but in section this seems not to work. Are there any alternat...


Resolved! Building an addon for different AC versions

I made a small open source add-on for synchronizing properties and parameters of GDL objects. It works in version 24, but I would like to release an add-on for other versions. What is the best way to organize the assembly and testing of an add-on for...

kuvbur by Booster
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Issue with APPLICATION_QUERY()

Hello, First of all, the new forum layout is terrible Anyway, I'm having an issue with APPLICATION_QUERY() and I tried and tried solutions but to no avail so I come here for help. I have a MEP library part with two connections for water supply. I wan...

OSX Framework

Hi! Is it documented, where should OSX Archicad find Add-On SDK's frameworks in run-time? Thx,