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Resolved! Experimental Python Development

I'm wondering if it would be possible to add/install the python GS module to the site-packages directory for Python3.7. Installation using PIP would be great. I realize that one could still not run the script outside of Archicad, but it would allow t...

Resolved! Open/Save/Close Project in the background?

Hello, I use ACAPI_Automate with APIDo_OpenID, SaveID and CloseID to open the default template project (didn't work with APIDo_NewProjectID), import a wall from a text file, save the project and close it and repeat the process many times. Is there an...

Reserve Library

Hi, I'm trying to work out how to reserve the library in Teamwork mode via the API in the same way you can using the normal Reserve button in the Library Manager Dialog. None of the strings in the ACAPI_TeamworkControl_FindLockableObjectSet documenta...