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Rotating objects on their own axis

Hi, I want to write a function that rotates the selected elements in the same angle, but each on their own axis of rotation. I tried iterating through each of the api_neigs of the selected elements, and getting their corresponding element instance, f...

Resolved! BIMx Developer ID

Is the BIMx Developer ID the same as the ArchiCAD API Developer ID? If so should I use the DEVELOPER ID AS STRING or just DEVELOPER ID? If not where to get this ID from

SajW by Participant
  • 1 replies

How to change Beam material in AC23?

Hello, In AC22 API_BeamType contained attributes below: API_OverriddenAttribute leftMat; API_OverriddenAttribute topMat; API_OverriddenAttribute rightMat; API_OverriddenAttribute botMat; API_OverriddenAttribute sideMat; The following code was able to...

How to get drawings from layout / How to change drawings size

Hi, Does anybody know how to get drawings from layout and how to change drawings size? Here's my code: API_DatabaseUnId *dbases = NULL; API_DatabaseInfo dbLayoutBook; OSErr err; Int32 nDbases = 0; if(ACAPI_database(APIDb_GetLayoutDatabasesID, &dbases...

ARN by Newcomer
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