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Using the Development Kit with Visual Studio 2022

Hi everyone, In the last couple of weeks we got several questions regarding Visual Studio 2022 and the API DevKit. If you try to use VS 2022 to build your AddOns, you have to keep in mind a few things. First, Archicad 25 and Archicad 26 is built with...

Introduction to Developer community for assistance

Hello All,My name is Elton. Am an architectural draftsperson and graduate quantity survey from Uganda. I have been using Archicad for some years now and absolutely love it.I have searched and got to know about platforms like Developer API, PARAM-O, w...

Elton B by Participant
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Accessing and modifying strings using the Python interface?

Hi We had a look at the Python interface (25.3000) using AC25 3002. At first glance, "Texts" and "Labels" of the "Documenting Tool" do not seem to be exposed in the API. We are trialing Archicad to see if we could a...

Eve by Participant
  • 2 replies

Visible lines in elevation view in Wallniche

I am creating a window with rounded niches.For this I use a WALLNICHE command for the cutout and a PRISM_ command for the rounded fill body.Both PRISM_ and WALLNICHE have invisible contour lines at the planned connection points,but in the finished ob...


Resolved! Hashable struct for the GS::HashTable<Key, Value>

Hi,I need to create a struct that can be used as a Key in a hashtable. So far I made this:struct Item{ GS::UInt8 parentId; GS::UInt8 itemId; const GS::UInt8 hash = this->parentId + this->itemId; GS::ULong Item::GenerateHashValue() { return GS::Genera...

Custom Property UserUndefined

Hello, I'm working on an add-on for AC24.The base of our add-on is the Browser_Control example.We are selecting an element in the model and we are importing properties information for the selected element.We cannot create a new Property Group like it...

Resolved! Starting a new add-on with the AddOnAdmin tool

I was having some troubles getting started with my add-on, so I checked out this forum which said there should be an application in the tools folder in support called the AddOnAdmin tool. It's not there. I therefore can't get permissions to begin or ...

Mimsy by Booster
  • 4 replies

Capture the change (addition/deletion/rename) of Story Settings

HiIs there any notification of the change in Story settings that can be captured by an add-on?I tried:ACAPI_Notify_CatchProjectEvent (API_AllProjectNotificationMask, NotificationHandler); and tried capturing the notification ID "APINotify_ChangeFloor...

dushyant by Enthusiast
  • 7 replies