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Align 3D texture on door leaf?

Hi, I'm not finding any way to control the 3D texture alignment on a door object. I'd like to get my texture to align with the wall texture around it (the idea here is to have the door disappear in the wall by aligning the siding and minimizing the t...

Resolved! Can’t get the checked radiobutton

Hey, I have 3 radio buttons in the same group. In the palette they look good - I can switch between them and the previous checked RadioButton will become unchecked.. But in the code I can’t get or change the status of them. DGselectradio doesn’t work...

Tomer1 by Newcomer
  • 8 replies

Using Add-On with Teamwork project

I am trying to eliminate this idea as a cause of a problem. About a week and a half ago, we transferred all files to a new virtual server. No problems. About a week ago, we updated from the 22.6001 build to the 22.6021 build. No problems. Last Thursd...

PublishTest in Navigator_test not working?

Hello, I am trying to use publishtest from Navigator_test example. It is not working for me and I saw that the first If in it false - so it really shouldn’t work.. the question is why the “selected” variable isn’t valid.. Thanks in advance! Edit: I u...

Tomer1 by Newcomer
  • 6 replies

Changing drawing bounds doesn’t work

Hello I am trying to change drawing bounds (element.drawing.bounds), but it doesn’t change. I am able to change other things in the drawing but not the bounds.. Thanks in advance.

Tomer1 by Newcomer
  • 8 replies