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Linking error - porting to AC23

Hi. I can't figure out how to resolve this link. error. I tried to search for InputFromDataFile within API structure but with no luck. Thanks again for your assistance. Error LNK2019 unresolved external symbol "short __cdecl InputFromDataFile(int,cla...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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What is prefered way to call ACAPI functions from GMX ?

Hello. I'm curious if does exists some preferred and best way of how to handle communication between APX and GMX addons. Meaning if GMX addon wants to call ACAPI functions. In version 23, we lost the possibility to use our hack - function table comin...

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Curtain Wall polygon on AC23 bug?

I created an add-on on AC22 that will generate elevation marker in "front" of a curtain wall. When I migrated the add-on (and the model) to AC23, I noticed that SOME of the created elevation marker are not in "front" of the curtain walls. When I chec...

Resolved! Create maximized modal window

I'm creating an instance of DG::ModalDialog this way: DialogBrowser::DialogBrowser() : DG::ModalDialog(ACAPI_GetOwnResModule(), ID_DIALOG_BROWSER, ACAPI_GetOwnResModule()) { } How can I maximize it or create it maximized from the start?

Wall Tool from favorite

Hello, Is there a way to activate the wall tool for drawing the wall, with a particular favorite wall’s settings? I can place a favorite wall with begC and endC. But I need the wall tool to get activated with the favorite’s settings applied & ready t...

dushyant by Booster
  • 25 replies

Resolved! Use Browser Control in modal window

Hi, I'd like to use the DG::Browser embedded in a modal window created by the Windows API. I use the DG::Browser::SetUpForNativeWindow and the DG::Browser::LoadURL methods. But the browser does not show up in the window. And calling at the end crash...

Keynotes in Archicad using the new Python Experiment

FWI--- For those interested, It is possible now to create a crude keynote system in Archicad using Python -- and without not too much effort. It certainly won't compete with CadImage but acceptable. Attached is a Demo video for any interested. https:...