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API_Favorite_Get() fails

Hello, I am trying to load a favourite by API_Favorite_Get() using an API_Favorite made with favorite’s name as string. It fails. Whereas if I pass the name out of the array names[0], it works. Why is this happening? Code snippet pasted below. Thanks...

Resolved! NCS Drawing Title 23 - Can it be positioned to cell?

I can't seem to set an NCS Drawing Title to be positioned to a cell on the layout. When I select "cell" on the position pulldown menu, then all the parameter options disappear in the dialog box. If I save the setting at "cell", there is no visible af...

Drag and drop a file and get it’s path?

Hello I want to be able to drag and drop a file to a dialog, and I want to get the path of the file when it’s dropped to use it for my purposes. Is there a detailed example of how to use events correctly to do that? Thanks

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Property Group

Hello, In order to develop an Add-On, I am using Archicad API Developpement Kit 23 and Visual Studio 2019. I try to create a new Property Group using: ACAPI_Property_CreatePropertyGroup(group); However, even if this is working well with Property_Test...

AC23 API_OpeningType

Hi. While experimenting with creating/updating a API_OpeningType element with AC23 sdk, i encountered some anomalies as described below. 1. AddOn examples called "Element_Test" has a function "Do_CreateOpening" that does not work. Looking further i f...

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Is the Python Experiment already dead?

I have been working with the experimental Python functions and I have some concerns. There are some limitations and some major bugs in the initial release but, this is not my concern, since, at this stage, it is entirely normal. The problem is that s...

Resolved! Questions about IFC_predefinedtype GDL parameters ?

Hi there, As many of you may know IFC_predefinedtype is an ArchiCAD predefined integer parameter to communicate the library part with the ArchiCAD's IFC add-on. Does any of you have an insight for the values' definition of IFC_predefinedtype in your ...


Hello everyone,,, Why my menu items are disabled in 3D mode ? Is there any solution to use my add-on functions in 3D mode ? and Can I check if 3D switched by C++ ? Thanks in advance!

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