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building material in the 2D-script

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we want to do a graphic override of our GDL-objects. Now we got the problem, that we can't choose which part of the GDL-object we want to override (same like composit walls). Is it possible to get a pen out of the graphic override combinations or have I to script my own model view option?
The customer want first to deconstruct all the GDL-objects and use the graphic override combinations, but the problem is there, that I haven't any building materilas in my 2D-script... It isn't possible too in the 2D-symobl to chosse a fill with the building material (cut fill - building material).
Thank you for your ideas;)

Second question: yes. Example:
n = REQUEST ("Name_of_building_material", bm_01, bm_name)

n = REQUEST{2} ("Building_Material_info", bm_name, "gs_bmat_cutFill_properties", fill_index,
fill_pen, fill_bg_pen)

	poly_x 			= 1
	poly_y 			= 1 

	FILL fill_index

	POLY2_B 5, 7, fill_pen, fill_bg_pen,
	- poly_x / 2, - poly_y / 2, 1,
	  poly_x / 2, - poly_y / 2, 1,
	  poly_x / 2,   poly_y / 2, 1,
	- poly_x / 2,   poly_y / 2, 1,
	- poly_x / 2, - poly_y / 2, -1

Joachim Suehlo . AC12-25 . MAC OSX 10.15 . WIN10

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