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[newbie] how to create dialog boxes.

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im very new to the ACAPI, and so trying to figure out how AC does its dialog boxes is a nice task. where would i start if i wanted to create a text box that users can paste information into? i was thinking DGBlankModalDialog() but got very confused at the DGDialCallBack entry. any ideas?

-- Matthew Peychich

I want to say the Panel Test example file may have some examples.... it's been a while since I gave up on making a dialog box, since it was such a pain.
Tom Waltz

Andras Babos
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
I suggest you take a look at the DGTest example (not DG_Test!). It is not an Add-On you can compile (actually it's an internal test code for the Dialog Manager suite) but you can see how to use all kinds of dialog features in ArchiCAD.
What you're looking for is probably the DGTestNotes.cpp file. I suggest you use the C++ API (the example for that is in the second half of the file). Don't forget to create the GRC resources for your dialogs!


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