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3D Document - contour lines randomly disappearing

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Dear community,

very shortly before the submission deadline of course ArchiCAD seems to get serious about the following issue:

From a saved view in the Generic 3D window I have created a 3D document. Worked fine at first, but sometimes when ArchiCAD rebuilds the document, some of the contour lines just disappear. Not all the lines, that's the interesting thing, and also not always at the same spot. Cut lines always remain. Only fills are left, see screenshot. I made sure that all view settings match the 3d document settings as always when it rebuilds and breaks, there is this little exclamation mark in the tab above the window. But that did not help. Sometimes changing the scale or the model view preset helps, but more often it doesn't. That broken, the 3d document is also being displayed on the layout and output into pdf. And very soon I have to finish it, as usual...

I'd be very glad for any hints and tips on this issue.



Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

I think you have run into a known issue here. The problem is that the rebuild process doesn't go all the way through automatically for some reason when you change between different views of the same 3D document.

The fix for this issue should be in the released version of ARCHICAD 22 (build 30xx), and it should be included in a later update of ARCHICAD 21 (build 70xx).

As a temporary measure you can use Rebuild & Regenerate (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R) to get the edges back. To make sure that the drawings keep the edges, do this manually, and then after you updated the drawings, set them to be updated manually (so they stay like that).

I hope you can get along with this until the fix comes out...

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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