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3d Documents lighting, presentation discussion

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We’re looking at how we present our ideas in the best light to our clients. But we are zealous BIM makers. So exporting a model for rendering purposes is sacrilegious if it doesn’t contribute to construction documentation further down the road.

Attached is an example of a presentation 3d document:

Graphic overrides tell Materials are be white unless they are known. 3d Doc setting show surfaces non-shaded. And here’s the rub. It’s visually flat. It would be great if I could use a shaded view, but for interiors, every white surface turns uniformly gray. “Why is it so darK?" Is inevitably asked. Omitting the ceiling/roof lets more light in, but misrepresents the space. This is not an issue for exterior views.

So here’s the question: is there a way of illuminating 3d documents?

Eons ago, we made photoshop mash-ups between archicad renders, blending transparnency of a kohinoor style with a light works/cinerender image, this balance showed the desired level of fuzziness and light, so items that might not be perfectly worked out didn’t standout (talk about misrepresentation!).

The latest rendering offering, Twinmotion is basically an entourager. Nice to place trees, but can't send them back to the archicad model for a landscape plan. Similarly, surface refinements made TM stay in TM. (Please correct me? I only played with it briefly, since the iMac I’m using at home during Covid insn’t powerful enough to properly run it.) The images looks slick, but that’s a drawback: if it’s not perfect, slick looks macabre. We’ve been happier with presentation output that feels more like colored pencil on yellow trace. What have we been missing?

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I can't believe no one replied to this!

I've spent the last week focusing on TM, and my questions remain. But I'll make them more pointed here:

Can materials made/tweaked in TM be sent back to Archicad?
Can vectorial hatches on surfaces (which work OK in 3d docs) be exported to TM?
Can landscape items placed in TM be exported as a plan?

Here's current progress. Some things are still being worked out.

As far as I know, there is no way to export out from Twinmotion. Maybe check out the UE or TM forums in regards to that.

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