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AC 16 BIMx / OS compatibility

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We have an AC16 file from which we created a BIMx model for our client, exported as .app file for them to view but they are not able to do so. Our OS 10.6.8. As the file size was quite large we uploaded it to our server and gave them access to download. They gave us the following explanation...
Our wrote:
I am having trouble with the app (Mac). I was able to download it to my mini (10.5) but was not able to run it. I was not able to download it at all to my air (10.8 ). I transferred it to my air from the mini using a flashdrive but was told that the "classic environment is no longer supported".

Is there any reason why they would be having problems with this?

Eduardo Rolon
Not using an Intel Mac and BimX is not PowerPC Compatible? If so they might also be running a 32bit processor which could also give problems.
eduardo rolón AIA NCARB
Another of the forum moderators.
Macbook Pro 2.4 i9 32GB ram
OS X 10.XX latest
AC25 US/INT -> AC08

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Thanks Eduardo

Managed to compress the original file and email as an attachment. The client could then open it directly without transferring from the older system, removing the incompatibility issues.


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