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AC25 Casework Dialog Review


Why must tools change so much and not necessarily for the better?


NOMINAL SIZES dialog - I would expect the casework tool to start by selecting the over all size, which is the first dialog you come to. Great!

SEGMENT GEOMETRY dialog - I would then expect to start designing the toe kick, counter overlaps, but I am kicked to working on the front panels. Fine, that still makes sense, except that I can only control one height and need to do the math to figure out the above segment...why not make them both editable??

SEGMENT DETAILS - Ok, now countertops and toe kicks...nope...details on the "segments" of the casework. Ok, still fine I guess...but the Segment 1, which is on the top, correlates to the bottom segment in the object. A bit irritating. Also, I think the carcass nomenclature is odd, but that is not the crux of my complaints.

COMPONENTS - Ok, now countertops and toe kicks...try we go into details of the taps, sinks backsplashes, does this make sense?

OTHER COMPLAINTS - Why are there the same tired taps. Where is a simple, elegant single hole commercial gooseneck or 3 hole gooseneck with ADA compliant paddles? Why is there no simple wire pull that you can adjust the diameter of? I also wish I could still change materials of the cabinet and countertop in their individual dialogs rather than in a 3D Representation dialog at the end. The sink size includes the flange so when you use an under-mount sink, the counter opening is not tied to the size of the sink, its tied to the offset dimension from the edge of the sink. (how often does someone want an under-mount sink that doesn't match or is slightly smaller than the bowl size? Again, I opreferred the way it was.


I do appreciate you can turn the pulls off of the blank panel under the sink now.


I just wonder sometimes if these little projects are vetted with actual users. This is supposed to be a big improvement in 25 and I find it more complex and harder to use than the previous. We use these types of objects everyday to represent our designs, that's why you have them built in, but you force us to turn faucets off and find a revit or sketchup object that is more representative of what we are using. I don't expect every single fixture to exist, but some amount of update would be in order with a major update to an existing tool. 


Please correct me if I am wrong on any of this or if there is a better way to do this. Also, how do folks classify casework with a sink? You can't classify just the sink so now you classify the entire casework, with the sink, as an IfcSanitaryTerminalType?



This is awful. What a pain in the butt to work with. It does not seem fully baked either...quite a few bugs.

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