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ArchiCAD 21 - label disappears when wall is deleted - NOT GROUPED

I have been using ArchiCAD for 18 years & ArchiCAD 21 for about a year & have pretty much gotten over all the initial drama of having functionality changed on many standard high use tools in this version. Today I tried to delete a little piece of wall from a floor plan & all the text labels on that story disappeared. Nothing is grouped. Nothing is hotlinked. Just a regular floor plan with no outside references. Why would these labels be linked to this piece of wall & how do I unlink them? I even restarted the computer. Didn't fix it.

P.S. I temporarily rigged this by copying the labels - then deleting the wall & watching them all disappear - then paste & got just the labels back - but this is not a solution. It just got it off my to-do list.

Karl Ottenstein
It sounds like you have associative labels - grouping has nothing to do with them, only static elements. It is the same as deleting a wall that has associative (dynamic) dimensions - the dimensions will go away when the wall is deleted. Copying/pasting associated elements - such as labels or dimensions - gives you static elements...which will have no relation to any other elements. Typically, a risky thing.

It seems (?) that your labels were somehow all associated with the wall that you deleted. Hover you mouse over a label, and if it is associated with that wall, the label AND the wall will be highlighted (default blue). This hasn't changed in years.

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Barry Kelly
Post moved.


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