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Archicad 25 Redshift

Thomas Holm
Hi all!
In David Tomic’s youtube introduktion to AC25,
He mentions ”Redshift” as an upcoming (later) rendering option (at least in Australia). .
As I’ve never heard of this, I’d very much appreciate if someone would enlighten me on this subject. I seem to be unable to find any info on
A link perhaps? Or does anyone know more?

AC4.1-AC24SWE-25INT; OSX11.5; MP5,1+MBP16,1

There's still features announced in the AC24 release presentation that I'm waiting for. So let's not hold our breath on Redshift.
22 / 24 / 25 Win10 & OSX

Hi all, Octane user here

I am genuinly interested in updating and simplifying workflow. GPU based rendering is the way to go, Enscape is aggresively improving and I like their whollistic approach. There should be no file format conversion/transfer issues for user, assets that are not feasible to use inside ArchiCAD are accessible through their plug-in and available range is being rapidly expanded. Atmospherical effects are being enriched and improved. The only aspect that I dislike is the rendering engine itself.

I am surprised that Twinmotion is not surpassing Enscape with assets choices, as a gaming company they should have been able to offer almost anything you can think of.

I hope that Redshift may potentially address rendering quality if they do not neglect asset libraries development. There is also an issue of pricing, Redshift for other platforms is close to Enscape and Twinmotion.

Not sure though how complex Redshift interface is.
AC25 ( since 5.5 ) Win10, Sabertooth 990FX, AMD FX-8350, 16Gb DDR3, GeForce 980Ti

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