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Archicad to twinmotion!


hey everyone! have an assignment where we need to render in twinmotion materials and lighting etc - but cant figure out how to convert my Archicad 3d model/a 3d view in perspective to be able to import into twin motion 😞


have tried going in Archicad 3d view then saving but it has save as every option but twinmotion basically. 

also tried setting camera view point and saving as png /jpeg then importing to twinmotion but did not work either


any help greatly appreciated! thanks :))


Barry Kelly

It depends on the version of Archicad you are using.

24 and older there is a 'Direct Link' add-on.

25 and above it is a 'DataSmith Link' add-on.

I believe these can be downloaded from the Epic (Twinmotion) website.


They will create a link between Archicad and Twinmotion.


If you are using 24 or older, the Direct Link will actually install a converter so you can just save as FBX format (no need to actually use the Direct Link) - this is not possible in 25+.




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Rex Maximilian

You can save out to SketchUp from your 3D window, then import that into Twinmotion. When you tweak in Archicad, resave the file with the same name as before and then refresh your import in Twinmotion.

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