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Associateive dimensions for Zones?

Gerald D Lock
One of those 'disappointingly confounding facts of (ArchiCAD) life' - it has never been possible to get associative dimensions for zones.
Version 20 has still not delivered this functionality, and I'm still left wondering (with several thousand other users I'm sure) "but why?"

Can anyone in the developer inner circle please explain?
ArchiCAD 24 (build 5004)

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021) Apple M1 Pro 32GB RAM | MacOS 12.0.1

Melbourne, Australia

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Why would you need to dimension a zone and not it's bounding structure?


Aaron Bourgoin
If I was doing conceptual work or space planning, I wouldn't want to start drawing walls to have something to dimension.
Think Like a Spec Writer

AC24-7006 / USA AC25-5010 USA

Rhino 7 Mac

MacOS 11.6.5

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Is it because of the same problem you get with the Cadimage door and window schedules - when the schedule is first created you get a set of dimensions. You can edit the dimensions or add more, but when you update the schedule the old objects are deleted and replaced with new objects, and therefore new dimensions. Any modifications to the dimensions are lost.

Does the same apply when updating zones? The old zone elements would be deleted and replaced with new ones?

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