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Authoring mutlimedia CDs on OSX

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Im sure this has been discussed before, but could not find it doing a search.

Im interested in producing CD's (the shiny coasters we put in our PCs, not construction documents, ) which show various House Types with ArchiCAD 3D views, plans, spec and the like. maybe even a QTVR or movie or two

What application would be best to use to "author" these CD's
preferably a cost effective simple application that runs on OSX.

Thanks in advance

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If you are looking to produce CDs for only OSX then check out SuperCard. If you want it to work on both OSX as well as windows, you will have to go the Director route, and find someone to compile the director movie on windows for you.

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Am I right in thinking that SuperCard replaced HyperCard that came free with Macs many many years ago? Is this it?

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Fraid the CD's would have to be compatible with Windows too, but thanks for the tip.

Director is that an Adobe or Macromedia product?

I think it might be a bit high end for me, im looking for something simple and low cost.

I believe abvent had an app called Katabounga but I think its now defunct. something like that would be ideal.

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Hi Lennox,

people seem to forget the creative power of Adobe Acrobat, which not only produces documents readable on both platforms, but also offers a god array of tools to prepare great presentations.

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Thanks for the reply Francois, that would be the paid for version of acrobat would it? You wouldnt have a link to any presentation files done in acrobat on the web would you?
or anyone else?

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There is also the less expensive Live Stage Studio Pro. ~500 dollars.

95 percent of what you would use Director for is in Quicktime.. Quicktime is a multi-track movie player. You can have intereactive Flash tracks...etc. Toggle between one english sound track and a spanish one.

Live Stage Studio pro cost much less than Director when you consider you have to spend double for director if you want to create a dual platform interactive CD.

For more money there is iShell from Tribeworks.

I would go with Live Stage Studio pro. If your doing this for a a living where you have to create dyanmmic interactive cd that hook into databases, websites,...etc then Director is the way to go.


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Why not just create your presentation in HTML. You can embed movie files and graphics and it will be viewable by anyone with a web browser. I personally like to create my web pages in Photoshop...export them through ImageReady (which comes with Photoshop) as HTML and then use Dreamweaver to do the links, rollovers, etc. The benefit of using photoshop and creating your page as one big JPEG is then when you slice it up, the formatting is locked in and will look the way you designed it.

Oh yeah, then when you have it done, just copy it all to your CD. I know there are even ways to get things to autorun when they are inserted, but that is beyond me.

Anyway, just a thought.


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Thanks Joe

I have kind of been doing this in a very simplified way using the old Adobe Pagemill app in Mac OS9. I think I will pursue the html method. I know most apps now output html apps such as photshop, word etc. I will give these a try , and will also have a look at Dreamweaver.

Thanks for your comment.


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The problem with html is that there is no way to do system checks, to see if Quicktime is installed..etc. Having received an Html/flash based CD where the machine I had access to was a windows machine that had an older version of flash and a 56k connection. I realized why an html/flash version sucks.

End users want a brainless install. If quicktime is not installed then the app should auto load hte quicktime installer for them.

Today Macromedia announced Director MX 2004. This is the first version of director where you don't have to own both platforms to author cross platform CD's.

Just my two cents


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There are several solutions to create a very professional CD-DVD on the Mac -

First, the high end solutions -meaning much programing and overhead in terms of an applications base cost.
MacroMedia - Director with FlashPro is one of the best ways to create interactive CD's that show QT QTVR and other ArchiCAD generated animations. There is also a QuickTime application that is similar to Flash and can incorporate flash clips LiveStage Pro. There is a earlier post regarding this application and a flash ArchiCAD utility. If you have the software the production cost will be at least $350 USD per minute and maybe more, but they will definitely give you the most flexibility in media, navigation and production. If you have a 5-10K Budget go for the best.

The cheap way with professional results - Basic applications needed
ArchiCAD Models - Artlantis 4.5 (with updates) animations and stills for the artsy look Piranesi. You must have i-movie, idvd etc.(free with OSX 1.2) -- 3.0 works ok or get the yet to be released (Jan '04) iLife 4.0 it includes a sound editor and upgrades iphoto- SRP $49.00 USD. Of course Photoshop or Photoshop elements 2.0 ( PSE very adequate for color correction and creating cool title slides as JPEG --free with some cameras and scanners -- Amazon $84.99 USD)

Make the animation and generate stills including plans and sections. You will need a Mac with a built in SuperDrive or a firewire CD-DVD Writer to burn you project onto media.

Drag still JPEGS project images to iPhoto, select a few non intrusive background tunes and copy to iTunes Library, If you have a digital video camera and you want to narrate the tour create some short movies for this, or you can just use imovie to record any narration.

Open iMovie import any dv clips, iphoto and itunes open in iMovie and allow you to drag and drop images and background movies. Follow the instructions with iMovie to make a movie (very intuitive, do the tutorial to learn it--45 min.)

The movie can be made as continuous with animations and still images or as separate movie clips. When it is finished export to iDVD but add chapters in iMovie.

Open iDVD and if you have not used it do the tutorial--45min.
A tip you can go back to imovie and edit your clips and once they have been exported to iDVD they will update in iDVD automatically.

This produces a chapter based DVD with Navigation buttons. You can add slides and other data to the DVD disk. All this is produced by cheap or free software in a format that can be played on computers and DVD players. It also is easy to operate for clients and others who may be less tech savvy.

So with this brief tutorial you too can create competition entries, marketing materials, client leave behinds of your projects all on the MAC OSX. Back to the good old days of MAC graphics.

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Thanks for that Bruce I hadnt really thougth of using the i-apps in that way before.

I did import an animation file into imovie once but it looked terrible, I thought it was because it wasnt a DV file.

I dont have a mac with a superdrive yet, but hope to get one soon. I will definitly give this further consideration.

Thanks for the comments

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