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Hello everyone,
I need a solution regarding beam layout. I need two different beam layout in two different drawing.
1. In slab layout -View Map
In slab layout I need to show the beam below the slab. Causing during Floor casting Floor and beam need to cast together. So Mason need the beam layout below the slab slab.

2.In schematic layout -View Map
In schematic drawing I need to show the beam above that floor. Cause it matters in spatial perception.

How Can I do this? please help me to solve the issue.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Are these horizontal Beams?

Where are the Beams located? Above the Slab or below the Slab?

The only solution I can think of is the "Hidden Line Under Slab" option for Beams in the Model View Options (MVO) Dialog. This works only if the Beams are below the Slab.
Also, you did not mention your Archicad version (It may be a good idea to display your machine specs and Archicad version in your signature). The above setting was implemented in Archicad 23 so this solution will not be available in previous versions.

Let's say the Beams are under the Slab. You save an MVO Combination in which the above checkbox is UNCHECKED. You use Cover Fills for the Beams, and the Beams will be displayed as if they were above the Slab, overlapping it. This is because of the Cover Fill.
Then you save another MVO Combination in which the above checkbox is CHECKED. In this case, Beams will be displayed with the "Hidden Line" Line type you set for them, and they will be displayed under the Slab (even with Cover Fill turned on).

So, after you save these two different MVO Combinations, you can use them in the two different saved Views.

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Use Floor Plan Cut Plane settings to adjust view range. You just have to pay attention to the beams settings (home story and where/how they are visible) so they are shown accordingly.

Best regards.

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