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BIMx and Oculus Rift

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Has anyone tried this yet? BIMx has a stereoscopic mode but does it actually work with an Oculus VR headset? My concern is BIMx's stereoscopic mode appears to simply be a split display, not something that is actually sending two distinct signals.

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as per usual, minutes after I post I find the answer on my own. Per Oculus's site:
Does the Oculus Rift developer kit work with games that have existing stereo 3D support?

Not yet. Currently, game developers need to explicitly integrate support for the Oculus Rift. A proper Oculus integration is critical because you’re no longer looking at a flat screen– you feel as though you’re actually inside the virtual world.

Integrating the Oculus Rift also requires gameplay changes. Without proper game design changes like Oculus head-tracking, the virtual reality experience will not be compelling.
So I guess the real question is will Graphisoft ever get around to allowing an Oculus hook in BIMx? I think past history, sadly, indicates no.

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My son has the devkit for it and I've had a go at the programs that come with it...a bit low rez in the devkit but seriously good fun...the roller coaster is great! I don't think BIMX has a development kit? So sadly., it needs to be done by the factory...

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