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BIMx hyper-model share activation link 404 Error

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We are having lots of frustrations with BIMxPro and sharing models with clients.
We opened a new hyper model in our BIMx Pro app, made the in app purchase for sharing, and sent the email with the activation link to our clients. However, everytime they try the link it takes them to a web page with "Server Error 404 - File or directory not found"

We have tried opening the link as well through our company devices and have the same results.

This is completely embarrassing for our firm and really unacceptable from graphisoft especially given how hard they are promoting this service.

How do we get a refund or credit for the purchase?

Gyuri Nyitrai
Unfortunately we had a server error on the weekend but everything up and running now.
Sorry for the inconvenience and please send us a Feedback email from the BIMx PRO app to discuss how to compensate you.


Gerald Hoffman
Hi Gyuri,

1. Perhaps one thing that Graphisoft could do is at least post a notice in this forum or somewhere that users could check first when they have problems. If the server is down post it and some prognosis.

2. Maybe an email notification that we users could sign up for and would get an email as soon as you post it and then we would know when it is down and then back up.

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Gyuri Nyitrai

Thank you for your suggestions, we will investigate how to prepare for such a service failure in the future.


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Hi Gyuri,

Thanks for the quick response. The server might not have been the issue. We did not realize that the shared model link can only be opened through the Apple Mail app. It seems that opening the link in any other mail viewing app or web application results in the 404 error since the shared model link is only intended for Apple Mail.

A detailed description of the current limitations of the tool would be helpful for us as we try to roll this out firm wide

Gyuri Nyitrai

First of all I'm happy to hear that you plan to roll BIMx model sharing out and I fully understand the importance of this issue.

The activation link is intended to use on the mobile device (iPad/iPhone only currently) on which you would like to view this BIMx model and have the BIMx app installed on.
For example this is a valid model sharing link:
Because of its unique protocol definition (bimxshare://) is will be only recognized as a real URL on devices where BIMx were installed previously.
I recommend to open it using iOS system Mail app (or paste the link into the address bar of Safari browser) because other 3rd party email client apps and websites cannot handle it correctly in every case. For example the Gmail app doesn't recognize the "bimshare://" part of the link and consider "" as a webpage which is not exists (error 404).

I believe that BIMx model sharing is reasonable way to distribute your design to further stakeholders and it must be as easy as possible so we've started to discuss how to solve.
Thank you for rising the issue!


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