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Brick render

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i have been using archicad for a couple of years now for university
and i am designing my building in brick

i have an issue when i go to render my brick it comes up with a swirly pattern

im so sorry if this is in the wrong place but can anybody help me with regards to stop it from doing this swirling notion i have attached a photo


This is called a Moiré and cannot be circumvented. It has nothing to do with Archicad or CineRender.

One way to soothe this effect is to render the scene with a higher resolution, the other one is applying a (Gaussian) Blur in Photoshop later.
And I think there are some settings inside CineRender to milden Moiré, e.g. you could try to change the sampling method of the texture.
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Runxel is right and the texture which has all bricks look too similar is not helping either, you can try these options which can help:

- increase the brick size, cheat a bit
- change the brick texture to a texture which has a lot of different bricks even just slight color changes from brick to brick can help. You probably need at least 10 different bricks in the texture ,make sure the texture is large, ( at least 4K ) and not repetitive.

This might not help much but worth a try.

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